Boris Johnson’s wedding makes him the most theatrical PM. And Carrie Symonds may compensate for his weaknesses

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Boris Johnson’s marriage to his fiancée Carrie Symonds confirms him as our most theatrical prime minister since Lloyd George bowed off the Downing Avenue boards 100 years in the past.

Lloyd George married his mistress and confidante, Frances Stevenson, however solely 20 years later after he left No 10. We have now to return an additional 100 years to discover a prime minister changing into hitched in workplace, Lord Liverpool in 1822. And to seek out comparable wedding ceremony festivities, as Saturday’s couple loved, within the No 10 walled gardens, now we have to return 70 years to when PM-in-waiting Anthony Eden married Winston Churchill’s niece Clarissa in 1952.

None although are good omens for the brand new couple, or dependable tips that could the longer term for them and the nation. Liverpool‘s premiership and well being had been on a downward trajectory after he remarried in 1822, Lloyd George was lifeless inside 18 months of his eventual marriage to Frances, whereas Eden’s premiership crashed in oily flames within the Suez Disaster after lower than two years, with a forlorn Clarissa complaining that the canal was flowing via her drawing room in Downing Avenue.

The up to date discourse since has not been useful in understanding the importance of Saturday’s coup de théâtre. Many have chosen to interpret the marriage‘s timing as a slipshod distraction from the Dominic Cummings explosion of final week, whereas Catholics have debated whether or not or not it was proper for the couple to be married within the Church, and in its most revered British edifice, Westminster Cathedral. Others have drawn consideration to the damage that the wedding might have induced Johnson‘s earlier wives.

There may be actually an ethical argument for the wedding that must be heard. Christianity is far about forgiveness and good instance. No matter his sins up to now, Johnson is little doubt honest in his love for his spouse. I consider nothing however good will come for essentially the most highly effective man within the nation to be seen to be marrying.


I consider the establishment, and mentioning youngsters inside its steady edifice, must be upheld and supported. Carrie is a formidable girl: to have a practising Catholic who believes deeply in environmental safety as arguably the second strongest determine within the nation has appreciable potential for good.

The partner to the prime minister is essentially the most misunderstood a part of the British structure. They’re much more influential than the media, commentators and historians usually acknowledge. The now-Ms Johnson has far better potential to affect than the norm.

Johnson is an incomplete prime minister: half intuitive brilliance, half shambolic intuitionist, over whom dominant people maintain disproportionate affect. Related people held a lot much less affect over extra decisive prime ministers like Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair.

In Johnson part one, till the summer time of 2020, Dominic Cummings held sway, a glowering darkish presence like Gollum in TheLord of the Rings. By no means in British historical past has an adviser to the prime minister had such energy. Like a jilted lover, Cummings now spits toxic fumes as Carrie succeeds him as essentially the most influential pressure on the prime minister. Each are much more alike than they could care to recognise – modernisers, technocrats, impatient for radical change.

However the place Cummings was all about himself, and rendered Johnson weak and silly, Carrie might effectively deliver out the most effective in him. Cummings accentuated his weaknesses; Carrie may but compensate for them, permitting his appreciable and neglected strengths, of empathy, optimism and communication, to blossom.

Cummings was mandatory for Johnson to emerge as prime minister. However his historic function was over when he couldn’t adapt to the subtleties wanted for presidency. Carrie might but show to be Arwen who guides the wandering Boris in the direction of the ability and standing that he has longed for all his life.

Sir Anthony Seldon’s e-book ‘Inconceivable Workplace? The Historical past of the British Prime Minister’ is out there now

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